Company History

  • 2016year ~ 2020year

    Oct 2016 Development of SUS Nozzle Assy for Bidet
    May 2017 Development of Low Pressure Valve for Hot Water Mat
    AUG 2018 Development of Direct Water Piping for Boiler
    Nov 2019 Development of Quick Connector for Hot Water Mat
    Oct 2020 Development of a water-powered self-generator
    Dec 2020 Development of Convert Valve for Clothing Dryer
  • 2011year ~ 2015year

    Mar. 2011 Developed PRESSURE SWITCH for dishwasher
    Apr. 2011 Developed HUMIDIFIER VALVE for air conditioner
    May. 2011 Developed PRESSURE RELEASE VALVE for boiler and hot water heater
    Aug. 2011. Developed subminiature reducing valve for Bidet.
    Apr. 2012. Developed solenoid valve for water purifier.
    May. 2012. Developed water valve and flow sensor for instant water heater.
    JUN. 2012. Developed all-in-one of nozzle + valve for Bidet.
    JUN. 2012. Developed multipurpose plate heater Assy
  • 2006year ~2010year

    Apr. 2006 Started to produce DRAIN VALVE. Apr. 2006
    May. 2006 Started to produce IMPELLER VALVE. May. 2006
    Started to produce FLOW RATE SENSOR ASSEMBLY. Jun. 2007
    Started to produce ASS’Y STEAM KIT. Feb. 2008
    Started to produce DOOR SWITCH for washing machine. Jul. 2009
    Developed NEW STAINLESS NOZZLE. Aug. 2010
    Developed SOLENOID VALVE for fuel cell system. Oct. 2010
  • 2001year~2005year

    Nov. 2000 Obtained the certificate of ISO 9001 SYSTEM
    Sep. 2001 Started to produce INLET VALVE for refrigerator (ICE MAKER)
    Aug. 2002 Started to produce pressurized PUMP
    Sep. 2002 Started to produce Euro VALVE (BIDET)
    Mar. 2003 Started to produce REED SWITCH for washing machine
    Jan. 2004 Started to produce BOILER WATER VALVE
    May. 2004 Obtained the certificate of ISO 14001 SYSTEM
    Jan. 2005 Started to pro Apr. 2006 Started to produce DRAIN VALVE
  • 1990's

    Started to produce PRESSURE SENSORfor washing machine. Mar. 1994
    Started to produce DC PUMP MOTOR. May. 1996
    Started to produce INLET VALVE for washing machine. Jan. 1997
    Started to produce DOOR LOCKER for washiing machine. Mar. 1999
  • 1980's

    Dec. 1981 Established Daehan Jungchun Industry Co., Ltd.
    Feb. 1982 Operated factory
    Nov. 1986 Started to produce SAFETY SWITCH (SF-SWITCH)
    Feb. 1987 Started to produce refrigerator DOOR SWITCH
    Apr. 1987 Started to produce 60-minute TIME SWITCH
    Jul. 1987 Started to produce GEAR UNIT for washing machine and CLUTCH
    Aug. 1989 Started to produce AUTO OFF POWER SWITCH for washing machine